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Increase your website's potential and add options to your project.


Option code Description Price
ERGO-01 Advanced search engine.
Returns results with images and provides detailed statistics.
ERGO-02 Vertical products listing with unique "Buy” button per product or per listing of products. $250.00
ERGO-03 RSS feed display. $250.00
ERGO-04 Dropdown DHTML menu, with or without colums. $375.00
ERGO-05 Customized Wordpress Blog. $625.00
ERGO-06 Mini Cart. Allows customers to view their cart content at the top of each page before checking out. $625.00
ERGO-07 Dropdown DHTML menu - Up to 4 levels. $625.00
ERGO-08 Custom userfields displayed in tabs. $250.00
ERGO-09 Dynamic products display on category pages.
(Sort by alphabetical order, brands, increasing and decreasing prices).


Option code Description Price
PROD-01 Product pictures enlargement. $125.00
PROD-02 Product pictures enlargement with shadowed background. $375.00
PROD-03 Product pictures enlargement with magnifying glass. $250.00
PROD-04 Random images on home page. $125.00
PROD-05 Display multiple color swatches. $125.00
PROD-06 Multiple images enlargement of the same product. $375.00
PROD-07 Banner design and mobile-friendly animation. $625.00
PROD-08 Slideshow integration. $250.00
PROD-09 Banner design and mobile-friendly animation. $625.00


Option code Description Price
STRAT-01 Striked out prices for promotions. $250.00
STRAT-02 Send to a friend feature. $250.00
STRAT-03 Mail to form (contact us, request a quote, etc). $250.00
STRAT-04 Currency converter. $250.00
STRAT-05 Star rating system. Allows customers to evaluate a product in real time. $500.00
STRAT-06 Star rating & comments system. Allows customers to evaluate a product in real time and write their comments. $750.00
STRAT-07 AddThis feature for social networking. $125.00
STRAT-08 Incentive purchase program in shopping cart. $250.00
STRAT-09 Google Analytics - Tracker integration in all pages. $125.00
STRAT-10 Google Analytics - Full integration with ecommerce tracking and goals. $1000.00
STRAT-11 Reseller interface - Individual secure access codes, forgotten password retrieval and change password features with custom messages. $1500.00

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