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About Us

A Solid Business Partner

The emergence of the internet in 1994 created a true revolution. ClicNet Télécommunications Inc. was created in the early days of this technological storm. Since that time, we have helped thousands of our customers get connected to the internet and use its full potential. We have designed tools and applications to help them become more competitive in their respective markets. Over the years we have acquired a great deal of experience in designing and producing all kinds of projects. We know how to use the tools at our disposal. Today, the internet is a fact of life and our team will make all the difference in the way you are presented on the web.

Unique Expertise in Transaction Solution Development

A pioneer in e-commerce in Canada since 1995, ClicNet provides tools and services allowing businesses to use the web to sell their products and services and interact with their customers. ClicNet developed the ClicShopTM turn-key e-commerce solution integrating Canada Post shipping technology and Desjardins online payment services, among others. ClicNet's transaction systems are used by more than 1,500 Canadian businesses that trust ClicNet to host their e-commerce solutions.

Do you require expert web development and programming, access to a large database, online store design, existing website hosting, or in-depth analysis of your site to help it attract more customers? Then you're at the right place! You will have access to a complete consultation, development, and network management team, as well as a technical support and customer service team.

ClicNet Télécommunications Inc. Offers You

A permanent team
At ClicNet Télécommunications Inc., your project will be managed by an internal high-performance team, not outside freelancers recruited for your particular assignment. Your intranet or web site will therefore be developed quickly and effectively.

A multi-tasking team
As a member of a group offering all types of internet expertise, your project manager has direct access to all the necessary resources and can inform you on all aspects of your site creation.

An experienced team
Your website will be created by the industry's most experienced people in business since 1994.
See our list of projects for more information.

Proven work methods
Let us explain our work process to you before we begin, so that you can see that nothing is left to chance prior to launching your Website.